Airline Representation

Airline representation has always been the core of our business. As a leading General Sales & Services Agent (GSSA) serving Airline Principals internationally, TWK always goes the extra mile to offer both online and offline customized services. Owing to the trust of our long-term partners, we have built relationships for more than 20 years. With our longstanding presence in the busiest ports worldwide, we can help our Principals to access their ideal destinations and markets, not to mention converting offline businesses to online.

General Services
• Offline and online business management
• Comprehensive sales and marketing activities
• Customer retention and development
• Facilitation of license and permit applications, if required
• Periodic performance and accounts reporting to Principals

Additional Services – Cargo Representation
• Supervision of special cargo checks and arrangements, including ramp handling
• Close liaison with handling companies to ensure the highest quality service

Additional Services – Passenger Representation
• Airport supervision and operations
• Close coordination with appointed Ground Handling Agents (GHA)
• Experienced reservation and ticketing teams
• Staff training and qualification for Principals